Mt. Echo Park


Celebrate the parks! Cincinnati has a tremendous park system. They provide a place for families to gather, play and picnic surrounded by the cycle of life. During quarantine they have provided safe sanctuary to safely gather with those we love. This shirt honors one of our premiere parks, Mt. Echo. Mt. Echo sits high atop a hill to the west and is hosts hiking trails, sports courts, a gorgeous pavilion, yoga, live music, weddings and drum circles. It also provides the vista that may be the vantage point for them most photographed view of our amazing city. Inspired by our great national parks, this special retro design along with the woodsy whimsy design will support park projects and maintenance through funding the Mt. Echo Park Advisory Council, or MEPAC. 

MEPAC supports the mission of the Board of Park Commissioners. Our objective is to advise and assist them in the ongoing enhancement of Mount Echo Park to the benefit of all its visitors. As a community-based nonprofit organization, our volunteer members will coordinate with individuals, businesses and other organizations to promote Mount Echo Park's continued success. MEPAC is committed to bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and opinions with a shared vision in an environment of cooperation, collaboration and open communication. We are determined that the tragedy of the commons will have no place in Mount Echo Park.


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