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Welcome to CincyShirts.com!

Cincy Shirts was created with a simple philosophy: Honor the history of Cincinnati while continuing to grow its rich tradition.

Now, Cincy Shirts is the premiere vintage T shirt brand in Cincinnati. Our goal is to offer anything and everything that is Cincinnati. We want to keep Cincinnati's culture alive and help spread the word about how great of a city it is by nodding at the past, and partnering with the local businesses that currently shape this great town. From fashion and toddler tees, to V-Necks and hoodies, Cincy Shirts offers its designs on a variety of high quality apparel. We print to order so there are lots of combinations for each design.

In 2014, we opened our first Cincy Shirts retail shop at 1435 Main St. in OTR downtown Cincinnati. We opened up location number two in November of 2016 in Hyde Park at 2709 Observatory Ave. Learn more about our Cincy Shirts retail stores here. Call us to see what's in stock at 513-510-5774.

If you're on Facebook and/or Twitter, you can stay informed of new designs, special sales, and events by following us. We also encourage you to sign up for our newsletter up on the top of this page so you can keep up with the latest designs, trends and sales. Who doesn't love a good sale?

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We hope you enjoy your stay at CincyShirts.com. We are constantly evolving and are always looking for ways to expand the site. Think of something we missed? Let us know! Or, if you owned a business in the past, or would like to see your current business represented on Cincy Shirts, please contact us at info@cincyshirts.com.

We've gone to great measures to find the owners of some of the visual material on our site, but we were unable to locate a few of them. Since the majority of the businesses listed on our shirts are no longer around, it was nearly impossible to track down the owners. Please contact us if you own the rights to a certain design and we will offer the same licensing deal that the other participants have agreed to.

Cincy Shirts Size Chart

Needing to know what size to order? Have no fear! This page has all of the answers to your sizing and garment questions.

Still Don't know. Just contact us and we can help.