Frisch's Here for the Pie


In 1946, at an industry convention in California, Cincinnati restaurant owner Dave Frisch met Bob Wian who introduced him to a double-decker hamburger called the Big Boy. Dave secured permission to adopt the concept but personalized the Big Boy by dressing it with a specially formulated tartar sauce unique to Frisch's. The Big Boy became an instant hit at Frisch's first restaurant in Cincinnati with room for eight customers inside and sixty cars outside.

Over the next three decades the Big Boy concept grew steadily throughout the Midwest and the South. Dave Frisch and his management team continued to innovate and lead the industry in areas of menu innovation, personnel development and advertising.

Today, Frisch's is a modern brand with food and decor that appeals to multiple generations. It's a special place that never ceases to delight new and returning customers many who have fond memories of Frisch's through the years and others who are making fond memories today. Learn more about this iconic restaurant on the Cincy Shirts Podcast.


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