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Celebrate wiffle ball in Greater Cincinnati!

The idea of a Wiffleball League started as a discussion at a bar between friends reminiscing about games played in the backyard when they were kids. Quickly they discovered there were many more people who loved to play wiffleball when they were kids. What started as five friends who gathered together on a warm humid Tuesday evening in June 2013 quickly became a dozen men meeting on Wednesday evenings. Could we start a league? The answer was yes. On Monday, August 5, 2013 at the RiverCityEast Sports Complex, six teams of 4-6 players each, began play in the newly formed Greater Cincinnati Wiffleball League. Over the winter word spread about the new league, and by the start of the 2014 season 12 teams signed up to play. In 2015 the league had become so popular there was a need to have two seasons: Summer League and a Fall League. It has been that way each year since.
In 2019 the league moved to Softball City in Taylor Mill, Ky. In 2020 the league moved to Bellevue Vets athletic fields, and has played there since. There have been hundreds of players and over one thousand 700 games played since 2013. But, we want the league to last well beyond the current players. The league has never had a permanent home. We want to change that.

The goal of our partnership with Cincy Shirts is to raise funds to build the first public wiffleball park in the United States. There are dozens of privately owned wiffleball fields throughout the country, but there are no publicly owned wiffleball parks. It is our hope that a local municipality (preferably in Ohio and close to downtown Cincinnati) will be willing to build a park not only just for wiffleball, but could also be used for Adult Kickball, and even youth Tee ball…Great American SmallPark if you will.

There are parks owned by the City of Cincinnati that have room (Especially Lunken) to build three or four small fields with permanent outfield fences with lights. We know a set up like this would be very popular. We just lack the funds to make this dream a reality.

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