Votto Don't Play

May 23, 2017

Votto Don't Play

Joey Votto is one of the best baseball players to have ever worn a Reds jersey. When he comes to the plate, pitchers stress & over-operate because they know the challenge that's approximately 60 feet away from them choking-up in the batter's box. Joey Votto turns mistake pitches into RBI line drives quicker than Billy Hamilton can steal a second glance at an open bag. Watching Votto slap a ball into the left center field gap & hearing the distinct sound that only a Joey Votto line drive makes is like watching a professional BMX rider go full speed off a dirt ramp, 30 feet into the air and effortlessly pull off a 360. It's stunning. Those who can't appreciate that degree of zen perfection are blind to the game and are most likely oblivious to life's other wonderful things around them as well. The people who can't appreciate Joey Votto are the same people that I imagine hate The Beatles, don't like laughter, and are also ignorant enough to think they can engage in a battle of wits with Joey Votto and not look like a jackass. Here's a clip of Joey Votto shutting down a heckler at last night's home game against the Cleveland Indians.

Votto, by the way, is 2nd in all of MLB with 38 RBI's and has a 293 batting average.

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