The Cincy Shirts Podcast Episode 5: Haunted Cincinnati Tours

March 14, 2018 3 Comments

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Dan Smith of Haunted Cincinnati Tours talks about the most haunted places in the Tristate and why he'll never go back to Bobby Mackey's in Wilder.

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Here are the some of the images Dan discussed in this episode:

Full spectrum shot from Bobby Mackey's

George Remus (56:22)

Imogene and George Remus (56:30)

George Remus unloading whiskey (56:40)

The jury in the George Remus trial (59:40)

Two jurors highlighted (1:00:35)

Two highlighted jurors congratulate George Remus (1:00:45)

Image inside Eden Park gazebo (1:02:15)

Imogene side by side with image captured in Eden Park bushes (1:03:46)

Shadowy images in Lytle Park (1:05:00)

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November 27, 2020

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Melinda Gehrum West
Melinda Gehrum West

January 25, 2019

I married Joseph William Gehrum, September 10, 1971, who was adopted by Joseph William and Marjorie Gehrum. I gave birth to Diane on 7/22/1971. Joseph was killed in an accident on June 7, 1974. Diane was almost 3 years old. We moved from that house at 2656 Queen City Ave before she turned 4 years old. She had no recollection of the house and as she said above, we found it was for sale so we walked through it with the sellers. I do not recall any ghosts-type reactions by Diane. I remarried to Patrick West in 1978, at which time she asked to have a name changed to West. She has a way of creating stories that are untrue. We were very close as she was all I had left after Joe’s death. We did everything together. She got involved with a man and his mother who over time turned her completely against me. I have suffered her bitterness for many years. You don’t know how lethal she can be until you fall victim to her bitterness. The ruthless cruelty and slander I have endured tears me up. So I not only lost Joseph Gehrum but the pure hell she has put me through it makes it hard to find anything positive that turned out of this devastating outcome. I still love her dearly. She only comes around when it benefits her. It’s my understanding that she dogs me and makes it extremely difficult to even have a relationship with my grandchildren. I can’t find one thing good that turned out of the entire heartache I have endured for so many years. Until recently she used the name Diane West Eberhardt and now Osborne. Under these names you will see what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t believe much that she says. We certainly did not discuss the dumbwaiters or hidden doors in the basement the day we went back. We have many times discussed what I knew about bootlegging that Joseph told me about. If the dead knows what goes on today, I’m sure he would be mortified by the way she has treated me. She was my life. I adored her.

Diane Gehrum
Diane Gehrum

April 23, 2018

Fellas, If you want to discuss some ghosts of Cinci? Bobby Mackey’s bar was owned by uncle John’s buddy, Buck Brady, who was familiar with it due to their bootlegging and association with Red Masterson. When I went there I didn’t make it out of the car before I flipped out at 29 years old, I knew it was waiting for me. Since, I’ve found out what or how my own connection. I’m ready to go back and go in this time.
As a child, my father inherited 2656 Queen City Avenue, we lived in it, which was one of the sentry & distillery houses of the Death Valley Farm, where Remus had the depot. My uncle John was renting the main house when the raid occurred in 1921. In my freshman year of high school, we found out the house was for sale. We went to the house on QCA/Lick Run. There were things that started happening as soon as we walked into the house. Many of the properties of the bootleggers who built the house were still present. There’s things I’d like to say but will not in a open forum, email or facebook. I know where there’s things are, and the ghosts know me. I do have a Facebook page, Cincinnati Bootlegging & Prohibition. I’m looking to expand. I believe I may have met you folks at an Evendale Accountancy office in 2007 or 2008.


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