The Cincy Shirts Podcast Episode 111: The Cincy Shirts Stand-Up Special

March 25, 2020

Josh Sneed stand-up comedy Cincy Shirts

As many of you know, Cincy Shirts was founded, and is run by, stand-up comedians, at least that’s the shorthand version. Josh Sneed, one of the owners is a touring headlining stand-up comedian, Darin Overholser was a stand-up comedian when they started the company, but he decided he’d rather concentrate on the business as well as his art. He’s actually a very talented painter.

These days, a lot of comedians work for Cincy Shirts, and we thought it would be fun to play you some of our comedy. You’ll hear stand-up from Jon Holmes, Chris Weir, Billy DeVore, and, of course, Josh Sneed.

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