How The Newest Cincinnati Kid Came To Life

March 23, 2020 6 Comments

How The Newest Cincinnati Kid Came To Life

We are always trying to come up with new designs for our Cincinnati Kids collection. We felt we were in need for a good laugh, so we brainstormed out some new kid ideas:

Quaran-Tina? Funny. maybe to easy.

Vi-Russ?  Naa, too harsh for the times.

Carrie-out?  Hmmm, there we go.

How can we make it seem more....2020? Let's ask Instagram for help. 


Take a look at how our newest Cincinnati Kid, Dora Dash, was brought to life by one of our owners, Darin Overholser.

Step 1.  Sketch it out. Old school style. Pencil and paper. Lot of erasing and scribbles.

Step 2.  More of the same, starting to hash in some accessories.

Step 3.  Where is she? Let's put her in a scene of some sort.  Let's make it look like she just finished supporting a local business.

Step 4. Simply take a photo with your phone and import it into photoshop. The pencil marks were darkened up with level adjustments and then the drawing was turned into a halftone bitmap.

We gave her tiger leggings because she has love for the Bengals.... and she's been binge watching Tiger King on Netflix!

Step 5. The black layer stays on top, and colors are airbrushed in the underneath layers.  This allows for screw-ups and changes without totally messing the whole drawing up.  I also dropped in a real Cincy Shirts design - Cincy Lightning bolt

Step 6.  Hmm. maybe she's wearing flip flops, because she's straight off the couch. Cool! Those plastic shopping bags look like they are happy!

Step 7.  About 8 hours of hand airbrushing in Photoshop. Just me and the wacom pad...layers and layers with different opacity.   How bout we put her in a night setting?  It might add some drama, and show that the Diner is open late trying to get all of the business they can.   Also, notice there's no one inside the diner.

Step 8.  Base art is done! Now its time to lay out the type.  We dug up the Cincinnati Kids Template we used before.  On other T shirts like Opening Day Ray.

Step 9.  Final layout, ready to show to the design team. 

Step 10. We felt it was just a lady getting food...and needed to take it to the next level.  We decided to add a mask. Also, Instagram gave us a better suggestion than what we came up we dropped Carrie Out and went with DORA DASH! Door Dash is a 2020 food delivery service, and the mask definitely gives it a pandemic vibe. We sent Ryan King from instagram a free shirt for his suggestion and are ready to rock!




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