WNKU's Swan Song

February 23, 2017

WNKU's Swan Song

WNKU is scheduled to be bought out by a Bible Broadcasting Network later this year and hopefully, some miracle will occur to prevent that from happening. 

Like many other residents in the Greater Cincinnati area, WNKU has held the position as the default radio station in my car for years. Is there any other radio station that you can compare to WNKU? What other station routinely plays content driven music, local music, and avoids sound hacks like Iggy Pop avoids t-shirts? Oh, if we only knew how much time we had left, maybe we would have taken your pledge drives more seriously. WNKU isn't just another radio station in the Greater Cincinnati area, they are an elemental gear in the civic arts community.

Thank you for all your outstanding contributions to the arts and to the community, WNKU. Your efforts will echo through Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati long after your microphones turn off.

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