Bockfest 2017

February 26, 2017

Bockfest 2017

Quite possibly my favorite Beer & Bavarian Monk themed festival, Bockfest is back in Cincinnati March 3rd-5th. 

Like with most German-beer festivals, it's important to not ask too many questions & to just go with it. Drink a dark, German-sounding beer, eat some sausage, laugh with groups of total strangers, and burn a snowman effigy while you're at it. The idea is to welcome in the Coming of Spring; a keg of a strong, German lager known as a "bock" style beer is tapped ceremoniously with the help of some robe-cladded enthusiasts and thus, merriment ensues.

It's the 25th anniversary of this festival and it has always been for the purpose of strengthening the Over-the-Rhine community and to have a good time. 

For a list of all the cheeky-good fun & games, check out the official Bockfest website.

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