FC Cincinnati beat Chicago Fire

June 29, 2017

FC Cincinnati beat Chicago Fire

Did you guys really read that headline?   OMG FC - Freeking Cincinnati defeated the Chicago fire!

Chicago Fire...is a damn good team... and they should have beaten us by 4 goals on paper.  They beat us up and down for the first half. 

On a Wednesday night in Cincinnati, we packed the house and our team delivered. Djiby was in Khakis on the sideline, so we were reaching deep to find our mojo.  The first half was really us trying to find our confidence. From the start... we didn't believe we had a chance.  Chicago had the ball most of the first half... They had a guy who looked like he was 45 (#31), but could place the ball wherever he wanted.  At halftime with the score still 0-0, you could sense the crowd was feeling more and more optimistic. 

Our players were gassed.  Their players were gassed, but we made more plays.  The second half was AMAZING.  We had a few calls go against us. We had a DOUBLE HAND BALL. in the box ..ignored by the officials. We had an amazing goal by Andrew Wiedeman get called back for off sides, and ESPN Cameras disagreed.  He was so sure it was good that he stripped his shirt off to celebrate Brandi Chastain style and got a yellow card. This sort of stuff is the norm for us.  We are used to getting freeeeeeeeking screwed by the refs.

At the end of the day, we made play after play.  We should have been down 3-0, but Mitch keep it real. He was in the right spot at the right time ..time and time again. For every shot...Mitch was there.

15 minute overtime... and 15 minutes again... we kept the game going.  Once it got to PK's we were able to fool the Fire. Mitch keep finding the ball and guessing correctly. FC Cincinnati seemed to just float their goals into the net to assure their victory.

It was truly amazing. We high-fived strangers in FCC gear until our hands were sore. The crowd was electric and it was amazing to see 32,000 people get rewarded.

What a great win for this city!   Everyone is still high from last night.  The Mitch Says No Shirt sales are crushing. The News channels are breaking down our door.  Life is good in the Queen City.










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