Cincy Shirts Subscriptions!

December 07, 2020 1 Comment

Cincy Shirts Subscriptions!

Welcome to Cincy Shirts Subscriptions! Join our new official monthly subscriptions and get a new, exclusive design delivered to your door each month. Pick from themes including:
Enjoy Cincinnati. Enjoy Cincy Shirts Monthly! These are exclusive designs and not available anywhere else.
  • Your shirt will ship on the first of every month
  • Same high quality screen printed design you expect from Cincy Shirts.
  • This will be an exclusive design.
  • Every design is a surprise!
  • Choose your fabric type and Size.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Month-to-month subscriptions can be canceled anytime.
  • Subscriptions are not valid to be used with any coupons or discounts.

- Want to gift a subscription to someone you know? Definitely. Just input their shipping address in at checkout and each month's box will get directly shipped to them!

- When will my subscription ship? Subscriptions for each month will ship the 1st and 2nd day of each month, unless the 1st falls on a holiday or weekend, your subscription for that month will ship that following business day. 

- When is the cutoff for a particular months subscription? To get the following month's subscription exclusives, all orders must be in a week before the 1st of the following month. If your subscription is ordered within that week time frame, your subscription will ship the month after. So that means order by the 24th of each month to receive your first shipment on the following month. If your initial order is from the 25th-end of the month, your order will go out the following month.

- Do you have a card I can gift to the person I'm giving my subscription to? We sure do! Just save the month subscription image you are gifting them and print it out. Don't forget to fill out the to and from.

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at!

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