Buyers BEWARE of Fake Fiona Tees

June 29, 2017

Buyers BEWARE of Fake Fiona Tees

With the popularity of everyone's favorite baby hippo Fiona there are bound to be those who want to imitate and profit from make false advertisements that they support the zoo. However Cincy Shirts and the Cincinnati Zoo are in official partnerships, anyone who is pretending to be us or is stealing our designs is not a legitimate source of Team Fiona gear. 

How to be sure? Make sure the page is verified to be from Cincy Shirts. We do not wholesale any of our Fiona merchandise so they only places you can buy it is from our stores in Hyde Park or OTR, or from our website

If you are concerned that you may have purchased illegitimate merchandise or if you have any questions, please email with your order number and we will confirm if your order has been placed with us or not. Below are some examples of a fake Fiona advertisement:

To prevent this from continuing please, flag and report any pages you may see that are not directly from us and are selling our designs or using our brand to sell impostor Fiona apparel. This companies do not work with the zoo, even if they claim to be donating to Team Fiona.. THEY ARE NOT. 

Please share any sites you may find with us and we will work to get them taken down. We do not want anyone falling for these scams, so please share the word and support Cincy Shirts and the Cincinnati Zoo in continuing to raise funds for Fiona. 

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