A Leader We Can All Root For

September 07, 2018

A Leader We Can All Root For

We follow the Reds closely win or lose. Any team news is of interest to us, but we’re particularly intrigued when T-shirts are involved.

Take this past Labor Day in Pittsburgh. Joey Votto was going through his usual warm-up routine when he glanced into the stands and saw Reds fan Kyle Olding from Columbus, Ohio wearing an unusual tee. It read, “Votto for President.” Votto liked that notion and the T-shirt so much, he made a trade with Olding, swapping his jersey, which he autographed of course, for the tee.

“I said Joey will you sign my shirt?” Olding later told Fox Sports Ohio’s Jeff Piecoro. “He just walked away, I didn’t think he’d heard me. And then an inning later when he was fielding ground balls, he walked over, threw me the ball and said ‘I’d like to exchange my shirt for yours.’ I was like, ‘you got it!’”

Reds fan Kyle Olding Votto shirt swap

Reds fan Kyle Olding sports his Joey Votto jersey.

Almost immediately people started asking us about a “Votto for President” T-shirt and we went to work.

Now, we’re Reds fans through and through, but we’re also sticklers for detail as well as patriots who understand the laws of this great land. Joey Votto was, of course, born in the very great city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, making him, unfortunately, ineligible to hold our nation’s highest office. However, he can hold Canada’s highest office. So, we present to you our Votto for Prime Minister” T-shirt, with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this tee going to Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the Reds Community Fund.

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