7 Reds Postseason Memories

October 01, 2018 8 Comments

76 Reds Team Photo

October baseball is upon us and while the Reds won’t be attending the postseason party, there are still plenty of great memories of autumns past to warm the hearts of Reds fans until next spring. The Reds have reached the postseason 15 times in their history, resulting in 9 World Series appearances, which in turn have yielded 5 championships.

Being the nation’s oldest professional baseball team, there are of course dozens of great memories associated with the organization. Here are 7 great ones from the postseason, in chronological order.

1919 World Series
A bittersweet memory for the Reds as their first trip to the World Series was marred by the Black Sox Scandal. The Reds won, but the opposing Chicago White Sox were accused of throwing the series at the behest of gamblers.

The White Sox were heavily favored, even though the Reds had a better record, finishing 96 and 44 to the White Sox 88 and 52. The best of 9 game series, one of only 4 to have that many possible games, began with the Reds winning the first two games at Redland Field (later Crosley Field).

The series moved to Comiskey Park in Chicago for the next 3 games, with the White Sox taking the first game before dropping the next two, again, under suspicious circumstances. Back in Cincinnati, the White Sox captured games 6 and 7, but the Reds prevailed in game 8 at Comiskey Park to capture the title. Soon after, the rumors began to swirl that the fix was on.

The eight players accused were acquitted, but banned from baseball nonetheless, leaving a mark on the Reds’ first

1940 World Series
The Reds returned to the World Series in 1939 but were swept by the New York Yankees. In 1940, they made it back, this time beating the Detroit Tigers 4 games to 3.

The most exciting play came in the 6th inning of Game 6, when Reds starting pitcher Bucky Walters got an RBI fielder's choice in the sixth with the bases loaded to drive in a run, later adding a home run in the home half of the 8th inning. With a 4-0 victory, the Reds forced Game 7, which they won the following day.

1975 World Series Game 5
The Reds made it back to the World Series in 1961, 1970, and 1972, but lost all 3 times. By 1975, though, The Big Red Machine, which began to form in 1970, had gelled and was facing the Boston Red Sox in the Fall Classic.

While the game that followed is, oddly, more famous, Game 5 saw the Reds take a 3 games to 2 lead on the Red Sox, thanks to 2 home runs from Tony Perez, who had gotten hitless in the series to that point. Pete Rose added an RBI double, while Don Gullett went 8 strong innings, holding the Red Sox to just 2 runs to the Reds 6.

1975 World Series Game 7
The casual baseball fan might mistakenly believe that the Red Sox won the ‘75 Series on Carlton Fisk’s home run in the bottom of the 12th inning in Game 6. Alas, that merely forced Game 7, in which the late-inning heroics were supplied by Tony Perez of the Reds. In the top of the 9th, with the game tied at 3, the future Reds manager blasted a shot over the famous Big Green Monster for what would turn out to be the game winner.

Today, if you stand in front of Perez’s statue at Great American Ballpark, you can see a baseball sticking off the side of the building across the street. It matches the exact trajectory of the home run Perez hit in Fenway.

1976 World Series
In the heart of the Big Red Machine era, few people thought there could be a better team in baseball than the one that captured the 1975 World Series. And then came 1976. The Reds not only captured their second World Series title in a row but swept the entire postseason in the process, the only team in Major League history ever to do do.

To hear more about The Big Red Machine, listen to The Cincy Shirts Podcast episode featuring an integral part of those teams, Johnny Bench.

1990 World Series
While this team is understandably overshadowed by The Big Red Machine, they did go wire to wire to win the World Series, something only 4 other teams have done (‘27 Yankee, ‘55 Dodgers, ‘84 Tigers, ‘05 White Sox).

Highlights of this series include utilityman Billy Bates scoring the winning run in the bottom of the 10th after Joe Oliver bounced a hit over third base. In addition to that, Glenn Braggs, swinging at strike 3 broke his bat over his back, causing TV color analyst Tim McCarver to exclaim, “what is going on here?”

2010 Jay Bruce Home Run
With their arch rivals the St. Louis Cardinals giving chase into September for the National League Central crown, the Reds welcomed the Houston Astros to Great American Ballpark on September 28th.

The game was tied at 2 heading into the bottom of the 9th. With Tim Byrdak on the mound for the Astros, Jay Bruce stepped up to the plate and proceeded to blast one to center for the walk-off win.

The Reds would make it to the postseason 2 more times, including 2013 when they lost the Wild Card game to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The team hasn’t been back since, but a group of talented young players has fans feeling optimistic about the future.

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Caleb Brock
Caleb Brock

November 04, 2018

And it’s Rob Dibble not RON

Caleb Brock
Caleb Brock

November 04, 2018

Tom Browning was also a NASTY BOY

Stoney Setzer
Stoney Setzer

October 09, 2018

I remember the 1990 team well. I remember thinking they had a rising star in 3B Chris Sabo…maybe they would have if he hadn’t starting having injury issues.

Kathy Sorrell
Kathy Sorrell

October 02, 2018

The Nasty Boys were Ron Dibble, Randy Myers and Norm Charleton. Billy Bates had just come up from the minors. During a regular season game promotion for the zoo, Billy raced against a cheetah from center field. He had a huge head start and the cheetah was catching up fast when his hat blew off. The cheetah stopped to investigate the hat and Billy reached home plate first. I’ve always remembered him as the guy who could outrun a cheetah. As for Tim McCarver, he was obviously not a Reds fan. I figured he was about to die when they won.

Don Heyl
Don Heyl

October 02, 2018

1990 Reds were not the “Nasty Boys” it was just their three star relief pitchers. The Pitcher Jay Bruce hit the home run off of is Bydrak.

I think I should get a free t-shirt for this correct info.

Don Heyl

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