Justice #CincyUpstanders


The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center exists to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust inspire action today. Many people don't realize that our museum at Union Terminal not only tells the stories of the Holocaust, but also features examples of the best of humanity. The Humanity Gallery vividly highlights individuals who used their character strengths leadership, forgiveness, perseverance, teamwork, and so many other attribute to better their communities in lasting ways. We call them upstanders.

Upstanders are the ones who speak out or act in important and trying times. They're the people who stand up on behalf of others who can't, and they are the individuals who see beyond themselves. They are willing to sacrifice. They shine through every moment in history.

From racial injustice to a global pandemic, we're faced with challenging and heartbreaking issues in our city and country this year. There are countless ways you can be an upstander. One small thoughtful act can make a difference. We want you to ask yourself: "How can I be a #cincyupstander today?"

*A potion of proceeds will benefit the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center

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