Bombs Away! Comedy - 90's Sitcom Logo

ƒ€š‹Å“Iƒ€š€žll be there for you, cause youƒ€š€žre there for me tooooooooooƒ€š€ž is what this shirt will be saying to you when you buy it.ƒ€š‚ ƒ€š‚ Already have one?ƒ€š‚ ƒ€š‚ Buy one for each of your closest friends, perfect for wearing to your favorite coffee shop!

Bombs Away! Comedy is Cincinnatiƒ€š€žs home for independent stand up comedy. From showcases to open-mics, Bombs Away! brings the freshest voices in comedy including; Dave Stone, Shane Mauss, and DeAnne Smith, to breweries and bars all over the city. We put comedy where comedy isnƒ€š€žt. If you are looking for a unique date night, a fun activity with friends, or you just need a laugh, a Bombs Away! Comedy show is the perfect idea!
Check out for a complete list of all our events and to purchase tickets.


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