Unpopular Cincinnati Opinions

May 19, 2021 1 Comment

Unpopular Cincinnati Opinions

Everyone's got ‘em. Everyone likes to share ‘em. So, we asked on Instagram and Twitter for some of your unpopular Cincinnati opinions. Here’s an overview:


No surprise here. Some people don’t like Cincinnati-style chili. A lot of the commenters name Skyline in particular, but that may because that has become the generic name for it (like Band Aid, Kleenex, etc). We couldn’t tell if the respondents were natives or transplants.

Within that, some folks prefer Gold Star* over actual Skyline. Other folks, possibly the aforementioned transplants, reckon there really isn’t a difference between the two or, indeed, any of the parlors. 

To that end, one of The Cincy Shirts owners, Josh Sneed, Cincinnati born and bred, feels HE could taste the difference. We haven’t tested that yet, but we will soon!


Yep, a few folks out there aren’t keen. Judging from the amount of Goetta merch we sell, and the turnout for Goettafest, this is definitely an unpopular opinion. 


It’s not that people don’t like Montgomery Inn, it’s just that some find it pricey. Others feel there are other rib joints equally worthy of praise, including Eli’s. Fun fact: Montgomery Inn is a sponsor of Cleveland Indians baseball. No kidding. The official ribs of the team. "Find them at your local grocer, Tribe fans." As their play-by-play guy would say, “how about that?”


If you’re popular, people will have unpopular opinions about you. LaRosa’s took a few lumps on both platforms. Those kids seem to be doing ok, though.

Ice Cream

Similar to Montgomery Inn, it’s not that people don’t like the nationally-known Cincinnati ice cream, Graeter’s, it’s just that UDF got more love in response to our question.


Is it the crowd? The actual display? The music? Some folks are not on board. Maybe it’s because you can pretty much see fireworks year round, like, everywhere? After Reds games, Fourth of July, Cousin Bob’s farm. Unpopular opinion nonetheless, as it was a handful of social media respondents vs. half a million Tristaters. 

High School

Comedian Gary Owen was one of the first to point out this phenomena. People in Cincinnati really care about what high school you went to. Turns out, though, some people really don’t.

*NOTE: Gold Star is a partner with Cincy Shirts (along with Camp Washington Chili). They both asked us to do their merch. Those other fellas opted to have their shirts made in Columbus. Columbus!

You can view all the unpopular opinions on this Twitter thread here

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John Humason
John Humason

May 19, 2021

Late to he party, but thanks for a fun article. I am 15 years removed from Cincy, but still hold strong opinions on most things Cincinnati.
For the record, Chili: not only can I tell the difference, I know why and can demonstrate it in my kitchen. Prefer Gold Star, but I like them all. I was late to Goetta, but I like it sliced paper-thin and fried cruchy. Montgomery ribs are okay, but Burbank’s was better. LaRosa’s is the big survivor and they are fine, but the many Pasquale’s and Angilo’s neighborhood stores were fantastic. I went to the first ten or so of those fireworks shows and that was enough. The first one was amazing for the sheer number of people. Having worked in many parts of town, I know that the “what high school?” thing is very real. But they talk about it in St. Louis too. I guess ice cream is one area where it doesn’t matter. Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar, anyone?

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