Turkey Drop!

November 17, 2016

Turkey Drop!

The WKRP Turkey Drop episode was EPIC! It still holds up after all these years. We had to commemorate this great promotion with a Turkey Drop T shirt.  People seem to really love it, or really...haven't seen it.

Here's the whole episode if you are bored. What else do you have to do?

The Turkey Drop was of course fictitious, but there was a real, local promotion that got the people talking back in the day. A local radio station wanted to show the power of radio, so they created a fake ad, which went as viral as you could get in 1984.  It was for Plummet Mall. The best deals in town are found underground! It was a clever slogan considering the mall was rumored to be entirely underground. Listen to the radio commercial here. If only this was a real place!

 And of course, buy the Plummet Mall T Shirt here!




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