There was Plenty of Fun In-Store for Fiona's Birthday!

January 25, 2018

There was Plenty of Fun In-Store for Fiona's Birthday!

Fiona the Hippo celebrated her first birthday this past Wednesday, so Cincy Shirts threw a party--- well, two parties, one at each store.

The day started early as WLWT reporter Alexis Rogers joined Cincy Shirts co-founder Darin Overholser at our Hyde Park location for several live reports beginning at just past 5:00 a.m. on News 5 Today.

WLWT's Alexis Rogers was at our Hyde Park store bright and early

The party officially kicked off in both stores at 10:00 a.m. with guests offered the opportunity to spin the prize wheel, enjoy a free Fiona-themes Busken cookie, play Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and pin the hat on Fiona. Rookwood Pottery set up shop inside the Hyde Park store, offering folks the chance to win some of their Fiona-inspired merchandise.


There was a lot of fun to be had at both stores

“It was amazing,” said Sara Sheets, director of retail operations for Cincy Shirts. “We made so many customers happy. Andrew and I had a lady call back to tell us what an amazing time she had. She said she really enjoyed her experience at the store and talking to us about Fiona.”

Both stores remained busy all day as Fiona fans flocked to both locations to purchase Fiona T-shirts, hats, tumblers, and more. People also took advantage of a promotion that took 20 percent off any order that contained at least one Fiona-themed item.

During the late afternoon, Cincy Shirts turned up on the news again, this time on WCPO. Reporter Tom McKee stopped by our warehouse and spoke to our product manager Billy DeVore before heading over to the Hyde Park store.


WCPO's Tom McKee visits Cincy Shirts' warehouse and store

Both locations were bustling right up to the close of business. “I was never totally confident that people would come out on a cold Wednesday in January to celebrate a hippo’s birthday,” said Darin, “but Fiona proved us wrong again. Alexis Rogers from WLWT was here at five o’clock in the morning and people came out in droves!”

Cincy Shirts OTR store was popping from the start

Darin added that both stores were as busy as if it were an FC Cincinnati Saturday home game. “People were so happy. They were getting discounts, and spinning wheels, and winning prizes. The atmosphere was awesome!”

In addition to our partners Busken Bakery and Rookwood Pottery, Darin credited the entire Cincy Shirts team with the success of Fiona’s two-store birthday party. “I'm really proud of our team on this one. We believed if we created a spectacle that people would show up, and we were right. It was a memorable day for sure.”

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