NKU In the Dance

March 14, 2017

NKU In the Dance

In NKU's first year of eligibility, they make it to the dance. On top of the excitement of punching their ticket to the NCAA Tournament for their very first time, they will square off with none other than the University of Kentucky. 

In possibly a strategic arrangement, the NCAA chose to have NKU begin their NCAA Tournament history by squaring them off against another Kentucky team with quite the saga of success playing in March Madness. The number 2 seed Kentucky Wildcats will look to continue their long tradition of going deep into the NCAA Tournament this Friday night while NKU will look to carry their Cinderella story a bit further.

No matter the outcome, this is a huge victory for the NKU men's basketball team as well as the state of Kentucky basketball in general. Tip off is set for 9:40 this Friday night in Indianapolis. Cheer on NKU with our new King In the North tee or our new NKY Trooper tee.

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