Meet the New Characters of HallZOOween!

October 05, 2018

Meet the New Characters of HallZOOween!

Last year we introduced you to the red panda Harriet dressed as a pirate, Fiona the Hippo as Wonder Woman, Kendi the rhino as Indiana Jones, and Batari, Chira & Izzy the tigers trick-or-treating as a witch. This year meet the new characters of HallZOOween, the "Action Heroes" and Aquamanatee.

The Action Heroes are the Polar Bear, the Vampire Bat-Man and the Crested Penguin.

Then there is the Aquamanatee. This aquatic superhero has the ability to breathe underwater, eat large amounts of plants, communicate with fellow marine life, not to mention super strength.

Which character will you wear this Halloween? You can shop the entire HallZOOween collection online and select styles in-stores now!

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