Happy 1/2 Birthday Fiona!

July 24, 2017

Happy 1/2 Birthday Fiona!

Who knew how much one premature hippo could take over the hearts of people all across the world in just six short months. #TeamFiona has inspired lines of cookies, beers, shirts, accessories and more to support the cause at the Cincinnati Zoo

On January 24th, 2017, a 25 lb. premature hippo was born! Fiona was birthed six weeks early by her 17-year-old mother Bibi. After critical and tender loving care from the zoo staff Fiona made progress and is now at a solid 355 lbs. With the zoo support staff and her fans she has moved back with her family at the Hippo Cove and getting prepared to make her permanent place at the Cincinnati Zoo.

At Cincy Shirts, we are closing in to raising $100,000 for the zoo and the Team Fiona Fund with our line of merchandise. To show your support and get the cutest Hippo gear around check out our website! A portion of all proceeds goes directly to the zoo.

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