Gym Day with Jim Day

February 26, 2018

Gym Day with Jim Day

During spring training, Cincinnati Reds' broadcaster Jim Day caught up with Joey Votto for an interview during their game against the Cleveland Indians and things escalated rather quickly when Joey brought up an idea he had for a segment with Jim Day called "Gym Day with Jim Day." Watch the entire interview on Fox Sports here.

The whole chat was full of quotable moments and laughs so we had to get the ball rolling for Joey by creating the official "Gym Day with Jim Day" shirts! Available in unisex t-shirts, men's muscle tanks, and women's muscle tanks. We know Jim can't pull off the tanks (Joey thinks it's a nipple thing) but if you can, order one and rock it on your next gym day!

A portion of every "Gym Day with Jim Day" sold goes directly to support the Reds Community Fund

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