David Ross on DWTS?

April 01, 2017

David Ross on DWTS?

Nothing says, "Your career is over" like Dancing With The Stars, so it makes sense that retired Cub and World Series Champ, David Ross is on this season.  Don't worry! We aren't DWTS fans ( even though we know the abbreviation) or Cubs fans.   We had a "Whoa, remember him?" moment when we saw that he was on this season.

In 2006, David Ross played for the Reds and lived in Dayto,n KY. We had 1 year of making sweet T shirts under our belt as Look At Me Shirts on Route 8. David came into our store. Darin was working when he stopped and had no idea who he was.

David saw our Todd Freel "UnReel" shirt in the window and thought he should come in and give us a suggestion for our next tee.  He stood in the doorway and said, "Hey, how 'bout you guys make a F_ck Marty Tee! I play for the Reds and the players would love that!"   Darin said, "Ha, what's your name again?"   He said, "Dave!" and walked out the door. 

Needless to say, the Reds weren't great that year, and being the truthy ball buster Marty is, he probably did make a lot of enemies telling it like it is. David Ross probably had his ass kissed his whole life and wasn't use to any criticism.  Our favorite line Marty Brennaman has been known to tell players over the years is "I've been here way before you got here, and I'll be here long after you're gone!" 

Gotta love Marty. He's a good dude. In this world of PC police and participation trophies we live in, its nice to hear some brutal honesty.  We've been lucky enough to do some tees for him over the years. Instead of writing him a royalty check, we donate his share to the Dragonfly foundation.   Always remember, Don't Hassle The HOF!

We are currently offering 2 Marty Brennaman T Shirts. One design features the Old School Retro Party Marty and Don't Hassle the Hof.





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