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Cincy Shirts Unveils a New Line of Soaps

September 04, 2018

Cincy Soaps Pine Lane Farm

Cincy Shirts wants to help you clean up with a line of goat’s milk soap from our friends at Pine Lane Soaps in Batavia. Choose from Five One Tea, Cincinnati Gardens, Carew-ty Fruity, Goetta Shower, El Rancho Stankin’, and Norwood Nectar.

Goat’s milk is high in fat, which, combined with the other natural oils, makes for a wonderful moisturizing soap. Commercial soaps typically have a water base and during the manufacturing process, naturally occurring glycerin is removed and put into other products.

Pine Lane Soaps are made using a technique called the cold process method, which allows the glycerin to remain. That makes goat's milk soap far more moisturizing than commercial soap or shower gel.

Recently, the Cincy Shirts headed out to Pine Lane Farms in Clermont County to check out the operation--- and milk a goat!

Darin gets up close and personal with one of the goats at Pine Lane Farm.

The farm came into the family when Robert and Cappie Kincaid bought it in 1958 upon his retirement from Shell Oil. The land was once part of the Virginia Military District following the revolutionary war. In the 1800s the land was subdivided. The Pine Lane property is about 88 acres with a farmhouse that was built in 1872. An addition was added in 1979.  

As a retirement gift, his bosses at the petroleum giant gave him two cattle. The female was named Shelly. The goats came later. Two descendants of those original cows still live on the farm along with about 20 goats. The goats are of the Toggenburg and Saanens variety.

The soap business is run by Becky Jones and her sister Martha Enriquez. However, it was their mom Patty Fix’s idea. “We’ve raised dairy goats for forty years," Becky told us. “About ten years ago my mother said to us, ‘I think I want to try and make a batch of soap for my little old lady friends at church for Christmas.’”

Becky admits she and Martha weren’t all that enthusiastic but decided to have a go. “We went online and figured out how to make it,” she recalled. “The first batch was thirty or forty bars of peppermint soap.” Mom’s friends loved it and the word spread.

Soon, the feed store down the road was carrying it, and couldn’t keep it in stock. Today, the operation produces 12,000 bars a year. Pine Lane Soap products are available in over 30 shops including, of course, Cincy Shirts.

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