Cincy Shirts Partners with Cincinnati Nature Center

August 06, 2018

Cincy Shirts Partners with Cincinnati Nature Center

Cincy Shirts is excited to celebrate and honor the Cincinnati Nature Center's natural habitats of Eastern deciduous forest, fields, streams, and ponds,  in this new collection that embraces all things outdoors in Cincy.

For example, the Southern Ohio woodland box turtles. These mean, green fighting machines use their shell to "box in" for protection. Their biggest enemy? Cars driving on one of Cincinnati's many interstates and highways.

There's also the northern cardinal, which you have surely spotted at some point while living in Cincinnati. Their brilliant red color is a favorite of bird watchers at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

And don't forget, you can "take a hike" on some of their more than 16 miles of hiking trails. 

Shop the entire collection here and a portion of proceeds from each sale benefits the Cincinnati Nature Center.

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