Cincy Shirts OTR is Closed! (Temporarily)

April 24, 2018

Cincy Shirts OTR is Closed! (Temporarily)

Just in case you missed the news, our Over-the-Rhine store location is moving to a new spot! We're currently in the process of moving and we thought we'd take this time to answer some of your FAQ:

Are you moving out of OTR?

Nope! We're moving just down the street to 1301 Main St. and we will be closer to the center of OTR.

Will your OTR location be closed at any point?

We hoped it wouldn't be but it had to be. We have a lot to move and remodel in the new location so we are currently closed as we transition, BUT JUST FOR A FEW DAYS. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates.

Why are you moving?

This space is more towards the center of OTR and closer to downtown, giving our customers much easier parking and access to this location. PLUS we can't wait to see a huge increase in new traffic of those just walking by, exploring out beautiful city.

Are you planning a Grand Opening celebration?

We are! But nothing is set in stone on that quite yet either. We will be doing a soft opening before a grand opening so as we said before - be sure to follow us on social media for updates.

Is your Hyde Park store still open?

Sure is and we'd love to see you there! You can find our Hyde Park location at 2709 Observatory Avenue.

What's your new stores' address? 

Our new address for Over-the-Rhine is 1301 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45202.

WE KNOW! It sucks we have to close but as a "We're Sorry, please don't hate us" we are giving you free shipping online until our store re-opens in OTR. Use the code WELUVYOU at on your entire order now until Saturday, April 28th to save!

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