$20 Tees for Archaeology Day!

October 20, 2018

$20 Tees for Archaeology Day!

Celebrate International Archaeology Day with our new collection of Cincinnati archaeological designs. Today only, they are just $20! These new designs feature Serpent Mound, Hopewell Culture, and the Cincinnati Tablet.

The Great Serpent Mound in Adams County. A mysterious remnant of the Ohio Valley and it's Native American cultures, this effigy mound is 1,840 ft long and is in the shape of a giant snake swallowing an egg. It's meaning and purpose is fascinating to those who observe it. 

The Hopewell culture thrived from 100 BCE to the year 500 CE in the Ohio Valley.  Its expressions of art were quite sophisticated. During this time period our region was an important center for culture and art. Since the 1800s, many fascinating objects have been discovered from this period, and have interested people for many generations since. One of these objects is the Hopewell hand which is made of mica. It was found in Chillicothe Ohio in 1921 and is a wonderful example of the Hopewell tradition.

The Cincinnati Tablet is a fantastic piece of ancient art. It is attributed to the Adina culture that once built great mounds in the Ohio Valley. This intriguing object was uncovered in 1841 in downtown Cincinnati were 5th and Mound Streets meet today. Its meaning and use is unclear, but most believe it was a type of stamp possibly used for decorating cloth or perhaps the human body for tattooing purposes.

You can shop all these designs online or at our Loveland store location and dig them up for only $20 on October 20, 2018!

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