Fight Like A Girl - Peggy Williams

"Fight Like A Girl"
A Message From The Creators:
This shirt was designed with a particular person in mind BUT it is hopefully a reminder to EVERY woman to get their mammogram! Don’t be late!!! It is also a supportive symbol to any breast cancer warrior or their friends to show support!  
Peggy Williams wasn’t supposed to have breast cancer. It doesn’t run in her family and she has no gene mutation to explain its presence. Two months before her scheduled yearly mammogram, she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and has been receiving chemotherapy since. The debilitating side effects rendered her physically unable to keep up with household responsibilities some days. The chemo medicine she took caused horrible bone pain in her legs. But, she is fighting her way back now, one step at a time. She’s signed up for her first 5k 6 days before her double mastectomy and working hard to even be able to finish it. And a 10k two months after her surgery. If you’re a friend, wear this T-shirt to support Peggy in her fight! If you’re a runner or a walker,  sign up for a race to support whatever cause you believe in and wear this shirt to support Peggy in her fight! And to remind every woman that cancer doesn’t wait for you to decide
to schedule your mammogram!  Do it now!  
A percentage of the profit from this shirt will go toward the rising copays Peggy is paying for her chemotherapy and surgery.
Thank you for your support and get your mammogram!!!! Please?!

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